The Old Stone Inn dates back to the turn of the century. This quaint stone building began life in 1904 as one of the region’s leading flour mills. Built originally as a three-storey structure, the cornerstone was laid on July 4 in 1904.

The Flour Mill, called Niagara Falls Milling Co., produced products that were household names including Gold Dust and Niagara Spray. Years followed and by 1912, the company went bankrupt and the Urschel Bates Valve-Bag Co. had moved in to the building. Within 12 years, the building had a major fire to which only the walls and flooring remained.

The building and land was then purchased by Myer Salit, a resident of Niagara Falls. They set up their offices and metal warehouse for their business.  The company had grown substantially and outgrew the location, moving their business in 1972. From 1972 to 1977, the building remained vacant and the empty structure was once again struck by a ravaged fire. In 1977, a land developer recognized the building’s unique historic structure and brought life back to the building by repurposing the space to a hotel & restaurant: Old Stone Inn. 

Throughout the years, the Old Stone Inn has entertained and accommodated distinguished patrons including Prime Minister Trudeau (his podium remains on property at the present time), Olympian Dorothy Hamil, Princess Diana and many others.

The Old Stone Inn remains to be one of Niagara Falls’ only historical inn present day.